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Bubbles Laundry

We Care


Laundries were established in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 2016 to provide the best solution for washing clothes and textiles. The laundries offer new technology in the field of laundry services with distinct objectives to distinguish the client from its competitors in this field.

An exceptionally unique experience tailored to you


In the customer service because the client is always right.


Using advanced techniques and advanced resources in washing and cleaning to achieve satisfactory results.


We depend on the quality control of the services provided and within a specified period of time while maintaining the fixed price

Our vision

To be the leading brand in innovative laundry solution in Saudi Arabia Management.

Why Us

– The best and latest machines to care for different types of textiles.
– Delivery and receipt of clothing for free, and you can book through our application (Bubbles).
– Application registration process and laundry request takes only one minute.
– Customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
– The representative of bubbles to the door of the house on the same day you booked it.
– Employees (bubbles) are trustworthy and know how to give your clothes a perfect cleaner.
– Use the best washing powder, taking into account that it is not affecting your health and does not cause any change in the colors of clothing.

Bubbles’s Staff

-Featuring bubbles management staff distinct management work and employment and work to satisfy and earn the customer where it is our goal.

Our Services

In (Bubbles) we do our job as pro and take care of your clothes as well.

Dry & Normal

Wash for all types of cloth (wool – silk – embroidery) and ensure that the cloth is not damaged.

Bags & Shoes

One of the most important parts we pay special attention because of its importance in maintaining your appearance and we clean all types from different types of skin and even cloth.


Because the best and most expensive clothes are dresses so we pay attention and special attention to make them ideal after the washing process.


We wash all types of bedspreads, blankets and sheets for bedding.

Clothing Modification

In (bubbles) we attract the best tailors in order to modify the clothes and deal with the defects in order to return to the original form.


Curtains are given to the house vitality and elegance, so the process of cleaning very carefully due to exposure to dust and sunlight most of the time.


Ironing is what gives the piece its own beauty and in (bubbles) we do the process of ironing for all types of clothes and bedspreads accurately to take the right shape of them.

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